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Garage Door Service in Katy, TX

Offering Top-Notch Garage Door Openers

Keep everything running smoothly with garage door service in Katy, TX. Garage Door Pros provides you with garage door repairs and maintenance to ensure dependability and safety at your home or business. Whether you require garage door roller replacement, or new springs or cables, our trained technicians make those fixes for you.

Our garage door company offers skillful repairs for commercial, industrial, and residential customers in Katy, TX. Contact us today for service 24/7.


Garage Door Service in Katy, TX

Professional Garage Door Repairs Are
Recommended for Safety

Many moving parts make up your garage doors. They all work independently, yet each relies on the others for effortless opening and closing many times each day.

These doors are large and heavy with a number of tricky parts, such as springs, that can cause injury or damage if not handled with care. Because of this, we recommend professional service. Call us for repair or preventive maintenance.

Our technicians provide you with a variety of essential services. We repair and replace:

  • Tracks
  • Hinges
  • Rollers
  • Doors
  • Openers
  • Cables
  • Springs

In addition, we install new panels when the old ones are damaged, provide you with custom-made wood doors, and can install and reprogram your remote system.

Our services extend to docks at plants and warehouses by repairing and replacing docks and bumpers, tuning springs, cleaning out the dock, and providing new levelers.

Garage Door Roller Replacement to Maintain Smooth Operation
When the rollers are not working properly, that door may not open smoothly, if at all. Call on us to replace those old rollers. What our technicians do is clamp the track down while the garage door is open, pry the track open and then, line up the roller, remove it and slide a new one into the track.

Sounds easy, right? Well, there are many safety precautions to be observed, such as releasing the door from the power opener and unplugging it. It is important to get things right to prevent damage and injury. Our technicians are trained to make all types of repair, and with our competitive prices, the service is affordable.

Contact us today for garage door service in Katy, TX, that includes fixing malfunctioning doors, replacing parts, and installing new doors and openers.